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AgTech Digest: AgPlenus' Milestone, NewLeaf Symbiotics Product Launch, CNH's Partnership & More

Discover this week's development from the world of AgTech.

Good morning, valued readers! Welcome to this week's edition of the agtech digest, where we will discuss the latest developments in the industry.

In this week's digest, we have compiled a series of stories that highlight some of the most significant happenings in the world of agtech.

These include AgPlenus's latest milestone achievement, the University of Kentucky's recent study findings on Pivot BIO'S proven® 40, CNH's partnership, and several other noteworthy developments in the industry.

We hope you find this week's news informative and enlightening. Let's dive right in!

Revolutionizing Plant Proteins and Crop Protection

Peas to the Rescue: A GreenVenus and Plant Research (NZ) LTD Partnership

GreenVenus and Plant Research (NZ) LTD are breaking new ground with field peas that promise improved nutrition and climate resilience. This collaboration is set to challenge the soy-dominated plant protein market with high-quality, allergen-free pea proteins, leveraging GreenVenus's Primavera™ gene editing technology. "Our aim is to provide sustainable, taste-neutral protein alternatives that benefit both our planet and its inhabitants," says a GreenVenus spokesperson.

A Leap in Herbicide Innovation: AgPlenus and Corteva Agriscience

AgPlenus Ltd teams up with Corteva Agriscience , unveiling APCO-12, a groundbreaking family of molecules designed to control weeds without fostering resistance. This discovery is a cornerstone for sustainable agriculture, combining strengths to develop commercial-level herbicide solutions. "Together, we're not just tackling weed resistance; we're setting new sustainability standards in agriculture," highlights Dr. Dan Gelvan of AgPlenus.

Unlocking the Potential of Microbial Nitrogen: University of Kentucky's Groundbreaking Study

A study from the University of Kentucky showcases the power of Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 in replacing synthetic nitrogen, significantly boosting corn yields. Local farmer Richard Preston shares, "Switching to microbial nitrogen not only improved my crop yield but also stood strong against adverse weather conditions." This research marks a pivotal step towards sustainable farming practices by harnessing the power of microbial nitrogen.

Biome Makers Surpasses 24M Microorganisms in Soil Database

Biome Makers has built an expansive soil microorganism database integrated with AI, which has benefited over 21,000 farmers and 2,000 agribusinesses. Its BeCrop® Technology provides valuable insights into soil health, enabling the detection of disease risks, prediction of yield improvements, and evaluation of regenerative agriculture practices. The company's comprehensive database spans soil samples from 56 countries, highlighting its worldwide commitment to enhancing soil health. Furthermore, Biome Makers' insights aid various industries in developing products and strategies for supply chain resilience and environmental impact reduction.

Advancing Digital and Sustainable Farming

CNH and Telecom Argentina: Bridging the Digital Divide in Agriculture

CNH has joined forces with Telecom Argentina to enhance rural connectivity across Buenos Aires, aiming to cover 500,000 hectares of farmland with improved digital services. This partnership is a testament to CNH's commitment to using technology to empower farmers, ensuring that precision agriculture solutions reach even the most remote areas. "Our collaboration is a cornerstone for future farming, ensuring no farmer is left behind in the digital age," states a CNH representative.

Sustainability at the Forefront: Bayer Crop Science's Commitment

Bayer Crop Science is leading the charge in agricultural innovation with a promise to launch 10 innovation blockbusters by 2030, despite facing challenges in 2023. The introduction of the Dynamic Shared Ownership (DSO) model and a new water strategy underscores Bayer's dedication to sustainable farming and ecological responsibility. "Our focus on innovation and sustainability is unwavering, as we strive to meet our 2030 goals," asserts a Bayer spokesperson.

Cibus Capital: Fueling the Future of Agri-Food Sector

With a monumental $645 million raised, Cibus Capital is set to foster innovation and sustainability in the agri-food sector. Their investment strategy emphasizes supporting companies at the forefront of food innovation, aiming to tackle food security while promoting environmental conservation. "Our investors are not just funding a venture; they're investing in the future of our planet," says a representative from Cibus Capital.

Emerging Technologies in Crop Management and Protection

NewLeaf Symbiotics Introduces TS201: A Game-Changer in Biocontrol Technology

The launch of TS201 by NewLeaf Symbiotics marks a significant advancement in combatting Corn Rootworm. This technology, leveraging the plant's defense mechanisms, showcases promising results in enhancing root health and crop yields. "TS201 represents a new era in pest management, integrating seamlessly with existing agricultural practices," notes a NewLeaf Symbiotics executive.

Vestaron's BASIN®: Pioneering Sustainable Crop Protection

Vestaron Corporation celebrates EPA approval for BASIN®, a novel peptide-based insecticide derived from modified spider venom. Offering a sustainable alternative for pest management, BASIN® highlights Vestaron's commitment to innovation. "With BASIN®, we're providing growers with effective, biodiversity-friendly pest control solutions," says a Vestaron spokesperson.

Pattern Ag's Predictive Ag Report 2024: Forecasting the Future

Pattern Ag's latest report utilizes extensive DNA data to predict pest and pathogen threats with remarkable accuracy. The inclusion of Foliar Pathogen and Bio-Fertility maps, alongside a Soil Productivity Index, offers farmers invaluable insights for making informed decisions. "Our report is designed to give farmers a competitive edge by forecasting threats and optimizing crop health," explains a representative from Pattern Ag.

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