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  • AgTech Digest: Dubai's Latest Vertical Farming Project, Syngenta & Corteva's Latest Products & CropX's Acquisition

AgTech Digest: Dubai's Latest Vertical Farming Project, Syngenta & Corteva's Latest Products & CropX's Acquisition

Exploring Groundbreaking Partnerships and Technologies Transforming Agriculture

In this week's edition of "AgTech Digest," we delve into the dynamic world of agricultural technology, where cutting-edge innovations meet sustainable practices to reshape the future of farming. As global food demands rise and environmental challenges intensify, the role of technology in agriculture has never been more crucial.

From the sands of Dubai to the fields of the American Midwest, we bring you stories of transformative collaborations and advancements. Discover how new partnerships are forging paths toward more efficient, sustainable, and productive agricultural practices.

Learn about the innovative products revolutionizing crop management and soil health. Gain insights into significant funding initiatives and strategic acquisitions shaping the agtech landscape.

Partnerships: COP28 Yielded Some Interesting Partnerships

ReFarm: Dubai’s Latest GigaFarm With IGS

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has partnered with ReFarm to collaborate on the GigaFarm project in Dubai. The GigaFarm project is a waste-to-value farming initiative that will span an area of 900,000 square feet. The aim of the project is to recycle food waste and cultivate two billion plants annually using a sustainable approach.

To accomplish eco-friendly food production, the project incorporates circularity and clean technologies while uniting six different technologies to ensure efficient resource utilization and waste reduction. The primary objective of the GigaFarm project is to contribute to food security by replacing 1% of UAE's food imports and growing over three million kilos of produce each year.

Silal and Bayer Partner to Address Climate Challenges in the UAE

Silal and Bayer have recently formed a strategic partnership to improve agriculture practices in the UAE and tackle climate change. As part of this collaboration, the two companies will conduct a train-the-trainer program to enhance local agronomy skills that could benefit over 300 growers in the region. They will also conduct trials with different vegetable seeds to assess their performance under challenging desert conditions, which can help improve agricultural practices globally.

This partnership is aligned with COP28's focus on combating climate change and highlights the significance of agriculture in achieving that goal. Bayer's "Health for All, Hunger for None" mission, which promotes sustainable agriculture and food security, underpins this collaboration. The objective of this strategic partnership is to bring positive change in the agricultural sector, promoting sustainable practices that benefit both local communities and the environment.

Nasekomo & Siemens Forge Strategic Partnership During COP28

Siemens Bulgaria and Nasekomo have joined hands in a strategic partnership focusing on digitalizing insect biotransformation to cater to the increasing demand for protein. The objective of this partnership is to create an intelligent insect industry 4.0, which will enhance efficiency through digital solutions. Nasekomo's development concept involves a data-driven franchising model that scales up globally. The aim of this collaboration is to make a significant contribution to sustainable development and reduce CO2 emissions.

Trimble and Sabanto Partner for Enhanced Autonomous Tractors

Trimble and Sabanto have recently announced a strategic partnership to integrate Trimble's advanced GNSS receivers with Sabanto's autonomy solutions for agricultural applications. The aim of this collaboration is to enhance agricultural productivity by offering precise positioning, minimal downtime, and reduced input costs while addressing workforce shortages through automation.

The technology includes correction stream-switching that enables uninterrupted connectivity and signal reliability in various environments. By integrating Trimble's Dual Antenna GNSS receivers with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX, Sabanto's autonomous tractors will receive high-accuracy, centimeter-level positioning.

Sabanto's focus on retrofitting existing agricultural machines aligns with sustainability and cost-effectiveness, enhancing the return on investment for producers. Overall, this collaboration between Trimble and Sabanto is expected to provide enhanced precision and reliability, improved farming productivity, seamless connectivity, and sustainable and economic solutions for the agricultural industry.

New Products: Crop Protection Products

Syngenta Launches Biological Nematicide For Sugarcane

Syngenta, a company specializing in agricultural solutions, has recently launched a new product called CERTANO™. This innovative biological nematicide is designed to protect sugarcane crops from various harmful nematodes, which can significantly reduce the productivity of sugarcane. CERTANO™ not only offers efficient pest control but also helps promote crop growth and combats nematode and fungal diseases, leading to higher crop yield. This technology has significant economic implications for Brazilian agriculture, as it can prevent substantial financial losses. Syngenta's integrated pest management approach includes a combination of biological and chemical products and digital technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to farmers.

Corteva Agriscience News: Herbicides Cleared for Broader Use

Corteva Agriscience's Enlist® herbicides have successfully completed an extensive consultation process under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This has resulted in the issuance of a Final Biological Opinion by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS). Consequently, the restrictions on the use of Enlist herbicides in some key U.S. counties will be lifted. This will enable farmers to have access to Enlist herbicides in key growing regions in Texas and Georgia, and they will have better weed control options. The Enlist system is known for its low volatility and minimal physical drift. However, it's essential to note that applicators must follow current product labels and consult Endangered Species Protection Bulletins for specific regional guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance with label guidelines.

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Funding: The UK Invests In Research Projects & Kansas State Receives Grant

Innovate UK & BBSRC Fund 32 Projects For Sustainable Food Production

The UK's Innovate UK and BBSRC organizations are investing a sum of £15.6 million in 32 projects aimed at revolutionizing the food industry. These projects are focused on developing alternative proteins, such as plant-based and lab-grown options, to promote sustainable land and water usage, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The initiatives aim to enhance the production process of cultivated meat, optimize space and resource efficiency in vertical farming systems, and establish an innovation and knowledge center.

Projects such as "Vertical Farming and Storage Technologies (V-FAST)" led by UK Urban AgriTech and "GyroPlant: Making TCEA Farms Sustainable" by GyroPlant Ltd, are at the forefront of exploring innovative vertical farming solutions. These initiatives aim to maximize space and resource efficiency, facilitate year-round local production, and minimize the environmental impact. Another notable project is "Advanced Crop Dynamic Control (ACDC) for Sustainable Leaf Protein Production in Vertical Farms" by LettUs Grow Ltd, which utilizes advanced technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of indoor farming systems.

FFAR & Bayer Crop Science’s $16M Grant To Kansas State University

The Kansas State University has been awarded a massive grant of $7,657,633 by the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR). The grant will be utilized for agricultural research, focusing on the interaction between crop, soil, and water management, and their impact on soil microbial communities. The total investment for the project is $16,362,948, including matching funds from various sources, such as Bayer Crop Science. The research will be conducted over a span of five years, with an extension planned for a comprehensive understanding of agricultural systems. The primary goal of this project is to enhance our understanding of agricultural systems and promote sustainable practices for soil and water management.

Acquisitions: Bold Moves To Further Technology Development & Market Presence

Invaio Sciences Acquires Peptyde Bio

Invaio Sciences has recently acquired Peptyde Bio in a strategic move that has greatly enhanced its capability to develop sustainable agricultural solutions. The merger has combined Invaio's advanced AI and delivery systems with Peptyde's innovative peptides, aiming to offer more natural, efficient, and effective crop protection. This acquisition will help Invaio expedite the design and discovery of biologically active peptides that are essential in protecting crops sustainably. This acquisition is also the first successful exit for a company under the Danforth Technology Company, validating its strategy in promoting emerging technologies. The collaboration between Invaio and Peptyde Bio creates new possibilities for the development of nature-positive solutions in agriculture, aligning with consumer demands for environmentally friendly practices in the future.

CropX Technologies Acquires Green Brain

CropX Technologies, a leading digital agtech company, has recently acquired Green Brain, an Adelaide-based agtech company. This strategic acquisition is a significant milestone for CropX in Australia as it strengthens the company's global presence, particularly in the area of precision agriculture. The aim of the acquisition is to integrate Green Brain's technical expertise in irrigation optimization with CropX's advanced farm management system, providing Australian farmers with enhanced agtech solutions.

Both companies share a common goal of supporting sustainable farming practices, especially in challenging environments like Australia's recurring droughts. The acquisition provides mutual benefits as Green Brain's established Australian market presence and technical know-how complement CropX's precision and sustainable agricultural technology.

This acquisition aligns with CropX's buy-and-build strategy, which emphasizes precision and sustainable agricultural technology. It showcases the company's continued growth and innovation in the field of digital agtech.

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