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AgTech Digest: Partnerships; Acquisitions & Government Programs

A Comprehensive Look at This Week's Major Advancements and Innovations in Agricultural Technology

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Agricultural technology (AgTech) is revolutionizing the way farming and food production are being approached. In recent times, the sector has made significant strides with the creation of new partnerships, funding opportunities, and programs worldwide.

These collaborations are geared towards promoting the development and adoption of innovative technologies that can help improve crop yield, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability. Additionally, we note an important funding approval by the EU Commission for the development of an agrivoltaic scheme.

This Week’s Digest:

A. Renewable Energy and Sustainability in Agriculture:

  • EU Approves €1.7 Billion Italian Agrivoltaic Scheme: In a landmark decision, the European Union has thrown its weight behind a €1.7 billion Italian agrivoltaic scheme to transform the face of renewable energy in agriculture. This initiative, poised to run until December 31, 2024, represents a strategic commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while bolstering the renewable energy sector. Funded partly through the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), the scheme aligns perfectly with the broader objectives of the European Union’s Green Deal. Agrivoltaic installations, the scheme's centerpiece, epitomize a revolutionary blend of photovoltaic energy generation and agricultural productivity, optimizing land use in a way never seen before. This visionary approach enhances energy efficiency and opens new avenues for sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Rewind’s Carbon Removal Technology Gains Momentum: In an equally significant development, Rewind, a pioneer in biomass carbon removal and storage (BiCRS), announced a substantial milestone in its quest for sustainable carbon dioxide removal. The securing of $5M in seed funding is a testament to the potential of Rewind’s unique method, which capitalizes on the Black Sea’s natural capacity for carbon storage. The anoxic conditions of the Black Sea’s seabed are ideal for preserving organic matter, thereby offering a novel approach to long-term CO2 storage. This technology, backed by diverse funding sources, including a $250K R&D grant from Frontier and $1M from the Israeli Government Innovation Fund, is set to undertake a pilot project of unprecedented scale. Rewind’s collaboration with Supercritical, a London-based carbon removal marketplace, further validates its innovative approach, marking a significant step forward in the fight against climate change.

B. Financial Trends and Company Performances in AgTech:

  • CubicFarm® Systems Reports Q3 Financial Results: CubicFarm® Systems Corp., a leading local chain agricultural technology player, recently released its financial and operating results for Q3 2023. Despite a decrease in revenue to $59,100, down from $325,480 in the same period last year, the company's significant reduction in net losses—from $12.7 million to $2.2 million—speaks volumes about its strategic resilience. This improvement, attributed to effective cost reduction strategies, reflects the non-cyclical nature of the company’s operations and highlights the potential for fluctuating outcomes in the AgTech industry.

  • Insights from Q3 2023 PitchBook Report on AgTech: The latest Q3 2023 Agtech Report Preview by PitchBook has brought to light some intriguing trends in the AgTech sector. Key among them is the surge in venture capital investments, signaling growing investor confidence in sustainable agricultural solutions. The report highlights significant deals, such as the $325 million Series A for Atlas Agro and the $250 million round for Indigo, underscoring a significant shift towards eco-friendly farming practices. These investments are financial endorsements and reflections of a broader paradigm shift in the industry towards sustainability and responsible resource management.

C. Technological Innovations and Strategic Collaborations:

  • 4AG Robotics and Mushroom-Picking Technology: 4AG Robotics, a startup based in Salmon Arm, BC, is changing how mushrooms are harvested with cutting-edge technology. The company has developed patented suction cups and mechanical robots designed to harvest mushrooms more efficiently than human labor, addressing the challenge of high employee turnover due to the difficult working conditions in the industry. This technological breakthrough has the potential to transform mushroom farming and provide a sustainable solution to one of the industry's most pressing labor issues.

  • AGCO’s Smart Farming Advancements: AGCO, a worldwide leader in agricultural machinery, has announced a momentous joint venture with Trimble, intending to create a global precision agriculture platform for mixed-fleet. By acquiring the digital assets of FarmFacts GmbH, AGCO is enhancing its data management offerings, demonstrating its dedication to technology-driven agricultural transformation.

  • Syngenta Group & CNH Industrial's Digital Farming Integration: The partnership between Syngenta Group and CNH Industrial is a significant milestone in digital farming. It integrates the Cropwise platform with CNH’s agricultural brands to provide reliable data and robust insights for agricultural businesses. This collaboration aims to improve decision-making processes and productivity, which are crucial for integrating technology in agriculture.

D. AgTech Development and Support Initiatives:

  • Bluegrass AgTech Development Corp’s Incentive Program: Kentucky's Bluegrass AgTech Development Corp has launched an incentive program to establish the state as a hub for AgTech and food-based businesses. This initiative is a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders, reflecting a strong commitment to nurturing the AgTech sector at a regional level.

  • Intelligent Growth Solutions Achieves B Corp Certification: The B Corp certification of Intelligent Growth Solutions, a leader in vertical farming technology, is a noteworthy achievement, underscoring the company’s dedication to environmental and social responsibility. This certification is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainable practices and sets a benchmark in the industry.


This week's events in the AgTech sector reflect a vibrant and rapidly evolving industry. From innovative approaches in renewable energy and carbon removal to strategic financial and technological advancements, these developments collectively represent a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

As we witness these transformations, it becomes increasingly clear that the AgTech industry is responding to current challenges and shaping a more sustainable and efficient future for global agriculture.

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