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This Week’s AgTech Digest

This week, we cover some important developments such as the acquisition by Mucci Farms of Hacienda North Farms, Vive Crop Protection’s extended Series C, Agrourbana's $6M funding round, Ohalo™ Boosted Breeding’s production & more!

Let’s dive into the developments!

Strategic Collaborations in AgTech: Partnerships and M&A Highlights

Mucci Farms Has Acquired Hacienda North Farms

Mucci Farms announced the acquisition of Hacienda North Farms, a 159-acre greenhouse facility in Coatsworth, Ontario. This acquisition is part of the company’s expansion under the newly launched Cox Farms business.

Bert Mucci, CEO, commented, “Working directly with Hacienda Farms has given us insight into the facilities and the quality product that’s grown there. Bringing them into our fold presents an exciting opportunity to enhance our ability to further meet our retail partners' needs.”

StartLife Partners With Corteva Agriscience

European AgrifoodTech Accelerator StartLife has announced a strategic collaboration with Corteva Agriscience . This partnership aims to advance Agrifood Technology innovations through open innovation and facilitate connections between the StartLife startup ecosystem and Corteva.

Laura Thissen, Interim Managing Director of StartLife, commented on the partnership: “With this partnership, StartLife-affiliated startups will gain insights and support to accelerate their path to market and scale breakthrough technologies.”

Planet Labs & BASF Digital Farming Further Expand Partnership

Planet Labs PBC has expanded its partnership with BASF Digital Farming GmbH to increase its use of Planet’s satellite data products for BASF's xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions brand. This collaboration aims to develop innovative solutions for sustainable and efficient farming.

“High-cadence satellite data can provide revolutionary solutions to advance precision farming, yield estimation, and seed selection; we look forward to powering novel and effective tools for growers,” said Will Marshall, Planet Co-founder and CEO.

Truterra Carbon Program Pays $21M to Farmers

Truterra has announced a major milestone in its carbon program. Within its first three years, it paid over $21 million to farmers for their efforts in sequestering and reducing over 1.1 million metric tons of carbon.

"Our carbon program is gaining momentum as a leader among farmers and retailers. Our differentiated approach matches agronomics with economics to help farmers make sustainable practice changes," said Jamie Leifker, President of Truterra.

Drone Nerds Partners with Sentera to Enhance Drone Technology Solutions

Drone Nerds announced a strategic partnership with Sentera. This collaboration combines Drone Nerds’ expertise with the advanced aerial imaging capabilities of Sentera’s PHX drone and sensors, offering businesses across various industries access to unparalleled solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sentera to bring their innovative drone technology to our customers,” states Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO of Drone Nerds. “Integrating the Sentera PHX drone and sensors into our product portfolio significantly allows businesses to access advanced aerial imaging solutions for agriculture and various other applications.”

Bom Group & WUR Sign Agreement For a Research Center in Bleiswijk

Wageningen University & Research and Bom Group signed an agreement to build a new high-tech research center in Bleiswijk. The new 8700 m² facility, designed by Van Bergen Kolpa Architects, will house a state-of-the-art research center and a reception building.

Bom Group, as the main contractor, will collaborate with several partners to deliver this turnkey project. Notable among these partners is Smiemans Projecten, who was tasked with designing a distinctive reception building. PB-tec will be responsible for the complete water and electrical installations, including advanced control technologies for the 24 research departments.

Financial Frontiers in AgriTech: Latest Funding Rounds, Carbon Credit Programs, and Investment Developments

Vive Crop Protection Secures Series C Extension to Boost Precision Agriculture Innovations

Vive Crop Protection has concluded its Series C extension funding round, which supports Vive’s efforts to enhance its technologies and address the growing demand for sustainable agricultural solutions.

“We are thrilled to receive strong support from our existing shareholders as we advance our mission of transforming agriculture through innovation,” said Darren Anderson, CEO of Vive Crop Protection. “Our prior funding round accelerated the development and commercialization of our next-gen products, resulting in significant growth.”

Agrourbana Raises $6 Million in Series B Funding

Agrourbana secured $6 million in a Series B funding round. This investment was led by ALB Investments and participated in by prominent investors, including Juan Andrés Camus, president of the Stock Exchange, Amarena, and Maximiliano Ibáñez from Córpora.

This new injection of capital marks a critical juncture for Agrourbana. While the company has made significant strides in vertical farming, it is not yet profitable. The CEO highlighted the importance of scaling, stating to Diario Financiero, “In three years, we are going to multiply our production 20 times.”

KETOS Secures $10 Million in Funding

KETOS closed an additional $10 million in equity financing. Tenfore Holdings led the funding round, which included participation from Danu Venture Group and existing investors.

“We welcome this new investment to expand development and markets for our KETOS SHIELD and PRISM solutions,” said KETOS Founder and CEO Meena Sankaran. “We value these strategic partnerships as we move into new markets and applications.”

Innova Ag Innovation Fund VI Receive Investment From AGCO

AGCO announced its investment in the Innova Ag Innovation Fund VI, managed by venture capital firm Innova Memphis. This investment is the inaugural deal for AGCO Ventures, AGCO’s newly launched corporate venture capital initiative.

Dean Didato, a partner at Innova, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “This collaboration represents a unique synergy between AGCO’s industry expertise and our vision for a technologically advanced farming future and revitalized rural economies.”

NEC X Announced A Strategic Investment In Verdi Expeditions Inc

NEC X announced a new investment in Verdi Expeditions Inc., the pioneering platform for farm automation and personalized plant healthcare. This strategic investment is part of NEC X’s mission to foster innovative agricultural solutions and support transformative startups.

Arthur Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Verdi stated, “Our strategic partnership, collaboration, and integration with NEC X is invaluable as we enhance our AI capabilities and scale our platform to reach new markets.”

Corporate Insights: ESG Reports and Latest Company Data Release

FMC Corporation Releases 2023 Sustainability Report and Climate Transition Plan

FMC Corporation released its 2023 sustainability report, “From the Ground Up.” The 13th annual report highlights the company’s progress on its environmental goals, sustainable product innovation, and community/stakeholder engagement. This year’s report also marks the first publication of FMC’s Climate Transition Plan, outlining the company’s strategy to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2035.

CropLife International Publishes Its 2023 Annual Report

CropLife International published the 2023 Annual Report for its Sustainable Pesticide Management Framework (SPMF) program today. The report highlights substantial progress in advancing sustainable pesticide management practices globally, specifically focusing on Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“With a warming planet, tackling pollution, protecting biodiversity, and supporting food security are complex challenges interlinked. They must be addressed in a horizontal, holistic, and inclusive manner. The SPMF embodies such an approach,” said Emily Rees, President and CEO of CropLife International.

BeeHero Unveils Insights for Almond Pollination Seasons

BeeHero published new data-driven insights from the 2022-2024 almond pollination seasons. They used sensor technology and AI-powered analysis to reveal detailed bee flight hour and bee frame information aimed at improving pollination practices.

Analysis from the recent almond pollination seasons indicates that BeeHero-managed hives had nearly 50% more bee frames per hive than the industry standard. “Our findings showcase the critical nature of robust data in optimizing pollination activities,” said Omer David, CEO and Co-Founder of BeeHero.

ADAMA Ltd. Publishes 2023 ESG Report

ADAMA Ltd. published its 2023 ESG Report, highlighting its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability rankings.

Steve Hawkins, President and CEO of ADAMA, stated, “Throughout 2023, we remained focused and resolute on implementing our sustainability strategy. We prioritized the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities while delivering solutions that increase farmers’ crop productivity, limit their environmental impact, and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Market Innovations: Latest Product Approvals and Launches

Ohalo™ Introduces Boosted Breeding™

Ohalo™ announced the discovery of Boosted Breeding™, an innovative plant breeding technology promising to unlock yield improvements and enhance the adaptability and resilience of nearly any agricultural crop.

Dave Friedberg, CEO of Ohalo, explained the significance of this development: “The demands on agriculture have never been greater, with estimates that global food production must increase by at least 50% over the next 25 years. Boosted Breeding will accelerate agriculture adaptation and increase productivity, helping crops survive and thrive in new environments while reducing the cost and footprint of agriculture.”

Yield10 Bioscience Announces EPA Approval for Use of INTERLINE® Herbicide on Camelina

Yield10 Bioscience, Inc. announced that UPL Ltd. has received U.S. EPA approval to amend the label language of INTERLINE® Herbicide to include the oilseed Camelina enabling Yield10’s glufosinate-tolerant Camelina to be sprayed with INTERLINE®, a glufosinate-containing herbicide controlling broad-leaf weeds during Camelina field production.

“We appreciate the efforts of the UPL team to add Camelina to the INTERLINE herbicide label,” said Kristi Snell, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer and Vice President of Research of Yield10. “Having methods to control broad-leaf weeds is essential to enabling the large-scale adoption of Camelina as a commercial crop in North America.”

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