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  • Sollum Technologies Lights the Way in AgTech Innovation: A Conversation with Matthew Bonavita

Sollum Technologies Lights the Way in AgTech Innovation: A Conversation with Matthew Bonavita

Shining a New Light on Agriculture: Sollum Technologies' Innovative Approach to Global Growth and Customized Farming Solutions

Key Takeaways:

  • Expanding Global Footprint: Sollum Technologies (Profile) has grown to serve the global market, with a head office based in Montréal, QC and manufacturing/software development in North America, and projects extending into the EU. It specifically targets the US East Coast, Northeast, and Texas

  • 'SUN as a Service' and 24/7 support: Their unique algorithm supports a customizable softwareas a Service" model, complemented by round-the-clock assistance for growers.

  • Highlighting the need for collaboration: The company advocates for greater industry collaboration and gradual, informed innovation processes.

  • Promising results from Delphy partnership: Anticipated trial results, expected to be released by December, underscore the effectiveness of Sollum's lighting solutions.

  • Flexibility in lighting solutions: The emphasis on an adaptable lighting platforms to accommodate the specific needs of a variety of crops and their specific needs is key to enhancing agricultural productivity.

Innovative Lighting Solutions from Sollum Technologies

Matthew Bonavita, Senior Director of Sales for the US market at Sollum Technologies, shares insights into the company's strategic approach to revolutionizing controlled environment agriculture through advanced lighting technology. The head/sales office is located in Montréal, QC, with an additional representative office in Leamington, Ontario; manufacturing and platform development are based in North America; current installations are located in Canada, the US and Europe. The current focus for the US market is the Northeast, East Coast and Texas.

Adaptable Lighting: The Core of Sollum's Solution

Sollum distinguishes itself with a technology that mimics natural sunlight and is adaptable to the specific needs of various crops and crop varieties. "Today, LED needs to be able to offer innovation on adaptability. Our algorithm allows for a 'Sun as a Service' model, and we offer 24/7 service to growers to help them with  their journey with us," Bonavita explains. 

The Critical Role of Industry Collaboration

Understanding the complexities of controlled-environment agriculture, Sollum advocates for increased collaboration within the industry. Bonavita emphasizes, "We need more collaboration within the industry, access to knowledge, and focus on step-by-step growth. Innovation is fast, but how can we not burn steps?" 

Evidence-Based Advancements and the Importance of Flexibility

"Our Delphytrial partnership is ongoing; right now, results are positive and we expect to release official results by December," says Bonavita, pointing to the importance of validating technology through practical application.

Flexibility in their lighting solution is a cornerstone of Sollum's approach to meeting the diverse needs of the agricultural sector. Bonavita notes, "Today, a flexible platform is prevalent for growers as we need to adapt not only to different crops but also to the varieties which require tweaking of the spectrum all the time." This adaptability is crucial for maximizing productivity and supporting growers in achieving consistent, high-quality yields.

Conclusion: Sollum Technologies' Vision for the Future

Through its innovative "Sun as a Service" model and focus on flexibility and adaptability, Sollum Technologies vows to forge a path toward more efficient, productive, and sustainable agricultural practices.

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